Universal paperclips

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A weekend diversion for geeks. It is a very satisfying browser-based mostly text game with hours of gameplay (cleverly mostly unattended). Bear with it. It starts slowly but you will not guess how lunatic it goes. Leave it running in a browser when you tire of it.

US election maps

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I’ve found the county level US election maps fascinating. Here are some more goodies. The purple linear cartogram of the election results looks like a phoenix decaying. Discuss. Source: Election maps

AlphaGo and cyborg rats

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So much sci-fi coming to earth this last week. AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol and convincingly. It’s important because the game was thought to be too “big” for traditional computer strategies based on simulating playing the game forward a few rounds and seeing what happens (like chess programs often do). Go has 10^761 possible games compared to the estimated 10^120 for chess. For me the most astonishing …

Man up

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Thanks Vancouver, you were beautiful and efficient. But clearly I was not butch enough for you. That is some ride down to Seattle.    Now let’s hope for an easy border crossing.