Universal paperclips

Universal paperclips

A weekend diversion for geeks. It is a very satisfying browser-based mostly text game with hours of gameplay (cleverly mostly unattended). Bear with it. It starts slowly but you will not guess how lunatic it goes. Leave it running in a browser when you tire of...

Now that’s what I call flying

Brilliant drone shot. We’re just getting started on funky and creative uses of drones. Worth checking out the unstabilised forward footage to see quite how brilliant the pilot is.

Retail jobs dying in the US

Distressing reading, and coming to the UK real soon now if not already. At the high water mark, there were about 5,000 malls in the United States, and there are now 1,100, at least 400 of which are expected to close in the next few years. This means a lot of jobs....

4k storms

Beautiful 4k time lapse video of storms. Delish. Worth keeping with: they get better.