US election maps

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I’ve found the county level US election maps fascinating. Here are some more goodies. The purple linear cartogram of the election results looks like a phoenix decaying. Discuss. Source: Election maps

Why people join Daesh

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Must read article on new research into Daesh. Really not what I thought at all. “…young people adrift in a globalized world find their own way to ISIS, looking  to don a social identity that gives their lives significance. Groups of dissatisfied young adult friends around the world — often with little knowledge of Islam but yearning for lives of …

The beginning of the end of the war on drugs?

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It does feel that the rational voices speaking up against the war on drugs are starting to be heard. This is excellent news for all of us especially the usually minority groups that become the target of the war. Legalise, regulate and tax is the only sensible solution to our current known crop and any future synthetic stimulants we create. It …

No democracy here

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Extraordinary voting result. Why did only eight pro-Beijing-plan lawmakers vote Yes? Worried about their future from both directions?     [update] the answer from Reddit. Bill is taken to vote because nobody requested to speak Pro-gov’t camp want to wait for Lau Wong Fat before voting proceed. Their strategy is based on the rule that at least 35 members have to be …

Wouldn’t have mattered

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Jermey Corbyn (a good local MP) was reelected in Islington North by an increased majority, so my vote, had I been able to cast one, would not have changed the result. I’m not sure if I feel good about that or not. Looking forward to a) PR AV or some variant and b) electronic voting.

Home grown terror

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It really stinks when a government has to engender terrorist plots to keep us worried. The defendants clearly have some unpleasant views, but don’t seem likely to have acted on them until the confidential informant got involved. This has been mentioned before. One report described some stings as “Bordering on entrapment“. Confidential Informant Played Key Role in FBI Foiling Its Own …