Project Emma and Parkinsons

Tom Reading, Science 2 Comments

What an extraordinary piece of as-yet inexplicable anecdata: maybe there’s a broken feedback loop that causes the Parkinson’s tremor. Use some micro motors (thanks mobile phones) to break into the broken feedback loop and distract the brain. A happy thought.

Blame yourself, not the media

Tom Reading 6 Comments

Another from the “I didn’t expect that” list. The written news media is reporting reasonably effectively, we just don’t use old media any more. The two most newsworthy things that Donald Trump did in the last two days were these: He gave a major economic policy speech in Detroit which he laid out his tax policy, for example. He suggested in …

Why people join Daesh

Tom Government, Reading 4 Comments

Must read article on new research into Daesh. Really not what I thought at all. “…young people adrift in a globalized world find their own way to ISIS, looking  to don a social identity that gives their lives significance. Groups of dissatisfied young adult friends around the world — often with little knowledge of Islam but yearning for lives of …

Chinese Is Not a Backward Language

Tom Hong Kong / China, Reading 2 Comments

Valid rant about the mistaken idea that Chinese is somehow behind other (Western) languages. I got affected by a lot of these memes before I moved here. Even in the age of China’s social media boom, with billion-dollar valuations for Beijing-based IT start-ups, prejudice against the Chinese language is alive and well. Source: Chinese Is Not a Backward Language

Cat Litter Box with DRM

Tom Reading, Tech Leave a Comment

A salutary tech tale (sorry about the lack of cats). Just how many electronic gadgets are we effectively renting, not owning? It isn’t necessarily a massive problem, but we should at least have a feeling for what the scale and shape of our ownership is. I bought a litter box and involuntarily signed up to a never ending subscription service. Source: …