It took us several days in Boston (we went for an extra-long weekend ahead of a work trip for Caroline) to come to grips with US portion sizes (e.g. get a starter to share and then hope you can fit the main in; absolutely no chance of pudding). There is research to show that there has been a marked acceleration in portion size (e.g. 100 calories more in standard croissant, 200 more in a bagel). Our next question was “does anyone actually use the doggie bags they all take from restaurants?” and the answer is apparently so (although not in Europe).

nine out of 10 Americans eat leftovers at least once or twice a week, while nearly 20 percent enjoy repeat feasts three to five times a week. One in three (33 percent) belongs to the “leftover lunch bunch,” toting last night’s dinner to work at least one to two times a week for a reheat-and-eat lunch