Great article on what to do about screen real estate. 4:46:42 PM

Saltire: “Perhaps this was just a fluke (I doubt it), but I was on Yahoo! yesterday and noticed that they are now dropping in links to ads with the rest of their news stories.” Yuk 3:33:17 PM

Business 2.0 New lenses for cameras and microscopes that eliminate a need for focusing. Upshot: better battery life for cameras and low cost lenses. [John Robb’s Radio Weblog] 3:31:59 PM

Students hit by new reunion site. Gradumates. What a dreadful name. 1:36:23 PM

Long but great essay on the various pieces of rhetoric used in the US gun control debate. Early 90s, but still relevant. 1:30:35 PM

Richlink appear to be doing what Autonomy wanted to do: trying to target content by user preference. The article is very gushy and falls foul of only talking about successful ads, not profitability. 11:13:25 AM

What’s missing from corporate web sites. Strange how few have search or media. Especially for the FTSE 100. 11:06:53 AM

Basic FTP in C#. This code works but is not intended to be used seriously. The code is not very well commented or structured. The source code uses a rigid Model-View-Controller design pattern. I am VERY impressed with .Net after writing this code. It makes GUI Java development look like a joke. 9:03:39 AM

I might have linked here before: how to project manage software development. 9:00:57 AM

Here’s a cunning plan: mail all of your new news stories from Radio. And then post from Outlook, apparently. 8:51:10 AM

Let’s all go build movies. Just some voice talents and we’re sorted. 8:49:27 AM

Google pushes the envelope again. The Headline News page links up related articles so that you can check out all flavours of reporting on a particular issue. Cracking stuff. 8:47:20 AM

How to stop projects going awry. 8:39:12 AM

Useful support for some of the work that we have done. Describing links makes them much more likely to be chosen. 8:38:11 AM

How to tie knots. 8:32:06 AM

A reasonably useful selection of Windows XP How-tos from Microsoft. 8:23:57 AM

Having linked here a couple of days ago, here are a whole pile of free, useful tutorials for building the web. I understand that end users shouldn’t have to know this stuff, but I find that it always helps to understand a little of what’s going on under the covers. 8:14:47 AM

Good tutorial on 3D animation for the web. 8:02:12 AM