Web Services, Part I: Introduction. The first step is to explain the basic concepts and terms involved in the procedure. This is still all far too complicated for man on street. 5:35:44 PM

Spanish (or related) usability sites. 1:28:48 PM

How to make collaborative tools work. 1:28:02 PM

Good article on how to continue kindling innovation in telecommunications. 1:24:07 PM

Fingerprinting Port 80 Attacks. Nothing new, but useful to see how these attacks work. Unbelievable that people could code stuff that works this way… 12:56:23 PM

Netflix website efficiently rents DVDs by mailorder. Great idea, although I can’t see the economics working unless people under-use the service rather than over use it. 12:43:32 PM

Useful tech support resource. 11:04:08 AM