Cracking quote in this NY Times piece:Only three obstacles stand in its way: the laws of physics, the laws of supply and demand, and the laws of Mexico. There may be a fourth: It would take many billions of dollars in American investment in Mexico to make it happen.More seriously, it shows some of the worries we had about Dubya are well-founded.I particularly like the one that involves taping a second floppy drive inside the box with a floppy in it: Evil Windows Tips.Good insight from Clay Shirky into Peak Performance Pricing. People pay up front for peak performance, not on a pay-as-you-go basis for continual service. Napster et al have managed to start using and therefore putting a price on the value of the ‘performance gap’ between what people have paid for and what they actually use.Reasonable article on what’s going on in the fight over copying digital tv broadcasts. Once Divx and related codecs are fully distributed, there is no way anyone is going to be able to stop someone, somewhere being able to get a digital copy of a digital medium.I don’t quite understand this Secure Audio Pathway stuff, but it sounds worryingly like the proposal to have DRM built into hard disks. In this case its for audio, but is still frighteningly close to MS controlling what you do on your PC without you being able to see what or how.Very useful windows resource: ActiveWin. Not necessarily the ultimate, as it claims, but that’s marketing, huh?Courtney Love gets it exactly right on this Napster | Speak Out page. The record industry is worried that the enforced bundling of content into a CD form factor means that filler is often used that music-lovers really don’t want to buy.Some pretty good rules about reply emails from customer service sites. It’s not 100%, but is a long way down the road. Example: I think ticket number is better than ticker.