Panoramas of Mars and London

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Fabulous panoramas to spend a few minutes exploring. Mars by Curiosity Mars Panorama – Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 177 in Out of this World Who knew our London house was so directly underneath Alexandra Palace (when viewed from the BT tower)? Click to view the extraordinary panorama of London.

Our stunning universe

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Some videos to catch up on to remind you quite how astonishing and beautiful our universe is. You could fit the earth underneath the solar prominence in this video. The whole earth. Driving on the moon? Done it and got the video. Landing on another planet’s moon? Yes, you can watch that too. Watch our own moon at incredible size? …

FMT works: would you go for it?

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Fecal Matter Transplant is getting stronger and stronger evidence that it can really work to cure problematic infections, in this case Clostridium difficile. Now what do we call the treatment? FMT is a bit of a nicer name until you hear what it means. The synthetic stool substance Repoopulate is hilariously-named, but couldn’t be taken seriously. Fecal Transplants: A Clinical …

Why aren’t we doing the maths?

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It is a scandal and a potential disaster that we aren’t better at probabilities. Probability is hard and often counter-intuitive, but we have to find some simple ways to nudge people to realise this and deal with it. If I try to translate from numeracy to literacy, I’d say that the doctors’ failure was the equivalent of being unable to …

Brains plus brawn

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Brilliant discussion of human athleticism: we evolved for long distance endurance, which is why we can occasionally beat horses in a race and couldn’t even outrun a sheep. I had no idea about the musculoskeletal adaptations in the head to help gaze fixation while running. Also has some compelling stats on barefoot running. As a rubbish runner, very new to …

Data wrangler

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Data Wrangler for all of the data geeks out there. Really neat pro-active cleaning and management of messy data sets.

As We May Think – Vannevar Bush

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As We May Think – Vannevar Bush. Deep thinking on thinking from 1945. Astonishingly prescient in many regards: the impossibility of keeping up with the deluge of information and knowledge created by the human race; the value of hypertext; speech recognition. I hadn’t read this paper where the idea of the memex was first proposed. Well worth a read, mainly …

Mobile phone ban in vehicles doesn’t reduce accidents

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Chinese Study Explains Why Mobile Phone Ban Doesn’t Reduce Traffic Accidents. Brilliant: people who use mobile phones while driving are bad drivers with or without the phone. Obvious, when you think about it, but good to have tested it. New penalty thought: rather than a cash fine or points on your license, a mandatory driving skills review with the threat …