The 600 Years

The 600 Years is a magnificent projection on a Prague bell tower. Amazing that projection technology is that good at such a large scale. I also found it brilliant that you can create the impression of dark on a light coloured surface at night time. Thanks to...

Lab Rats for free

Lab Rats – Ep. 3: A Protest was my favourite of Mr Addison’s daft sitcom. The seven-nighter is pretty well entirely a build up for a cracking last gag, too.

Plato: pop culture is morally wrong

Plato had moral issues with pop culture. (NB the research on video games and violence suggests there is no link between video games and violence. I wish people reading “a 26% link” would correctly parse it as being “74% no link”.) Every time I...
The Chalet des Anglais

The Chalet des Anglais

The Chalet des Anglais is a little-known Oxford institution: a large wooden structure, still with no electricity, at Le Prarion near Mont Blanc. It is used by Balliol, New and University colleges (the properly old set). My friend Owen has just been there, and it...

Rylance is certainly not stupid

What a great privilege to see Mark Rylance twice in one year. La Bête was super funny, with Rylance’s thirty minute soliloquy the stand out. Unlike the god awful Misanthrope, the cast used the rhyming verse effectively and without laboring the point. All were...
Keyport Slide

Keyport Slide

Keyport Slide is definitely a gadget, but I like that there is still space for innovation in something so humble as the key. If you had to carry six keys with you all the time, would you rather a neat box for your bag or the chunky bunch of keys in your pocket?