Threat models

This is hilarious and so true. Security types read and learn. Basically, you’re either dealing with Mossad or not-Mossad. If your adversary is not-Mossad, then you’ll probably be fine if you pick a good password and don’t respond to emails from...

What is code 

A simply astonishing article. The current state of development viewed through a potted history. Note: it is a very long read, but well worth it.

[Solved] Multiple LFD failures on VPS

I was getting a strange set of LFD failures on my main server (most likely after some automatic system updates). The error was along the lines of  “Error processing command for line [iptables: Unknown error 4294967295], at line xxxx” It seems that there...
[Fixed] Office 2013 error on double clicking documents

[Fixed] Office 2013 error on double clicking documents

I got an odd error with Office 2013 Word and Excel on double clicking items to open them from Windows Explorer on Windows 8. The document opened, but there was an error window saying: “There was a problem sending the command to the program” I tried a...

Coding patterns

Patterns for Research in Machine Learning is a slightly formal title for some excellent hints on how to code and think about coding in pretty well any language you chose.