Two lovely new sports that I’ve come across by accident.

  1. Competitive freestyle indoor skydiving (kind of unconstrained overhead gymnastics).
  2. Classical vs Pop full orchestral mash ups (Brahms vs Radiohead and Bartók vs Björk in this post).

Indoor skydiving

Here’s a recent skydiving winner. I guess it is cheating vs having gravity, but still cool.

Team Firefly's Kyra Poh Solo Freestyle with Music

Congrats Team Firefly Singapore's Kyra Poh for winning the Gold in Solo Freestyle at the The WIND GAMES 2017 held at Windoor! Catch Kyra's artistic round, perfectly synchronised to music. Difficulty of routine rated as 8.80, the highest rating amongst the competitors. Watch how she smashed all her rounds and coming out tops out of a total of 10 fellow solo flyers! Amazing Kyra has not only won the #freestyle category, she has also taken over the title of "World's Fastest Flyer", winning the #SoloSpeed category and topping almost every round! Together with 3 other legends in the indoor skydiving world, a scratch team Frends4eva was put together at the last minute in #4speed category. Despite not having flown as a 4-way team together before, they managed to take the Silver! Congrats for taking two Golds and one Silver back for Singapore, and yet again, taking over the indoor skydiving world by storm! Fly safe back to Singapore (on a plane this time)! #windgames2017 #OneTeamSG #indoorskydiving

Geplaatst door iFly Singapore op Zaterdag 4 februari 2017


Here’s the third place. I love the way they finish by landing at the door and walking out.


And on to a sample of the music (NB these are full-length concerts). There are many more for your delectation and delight.

Brahms vs Radiohead

Bartók vs Björk