Extraordinary voting result. Why did only eight pro-Beijing-plan lawmakers vote Yes? Worried about their future from both directions?


[update] the answer from Reddit.

  1. Bill is taken to vote because nobody requested to speak
  2. Pro-gov’t camp want to wait for Lau Wong Fat before voting proceed. Their strategy is based on the rule that at least 35 members have to be in the hall before a bill can be put to a vote. If not enough members are present, the chairman will have to put up a PA bell to ask for members to return to the hall. If there still is not enough people in 15 minutes, the meeting will be adjourned. Pro-gov’t camp want to take this 15 min so that Lau can return to the LegCo.
  3. Pro-gov’t camp members proceed to leave the hall, but apparently due to ‘communication error’, 8 members didn’t get the memo, so 28 pan-dem + 8 pro-gov’t are still in the hall.
  4. 36>35, so voting proceed with 28 against and 8 for. The bill is vetoed.


What a splendid irony. Gaming a voting system fails  to introduce a gamed voting system.