The gloriously named fuck yeah noms made me giggle today. “wah wah wah call the wahmbulance” is pure class. PS Comilonas is a great private kitchen: worth a visit.

So overall, Comilonas’ shit was tasty and it’s clear that the super friendly and welcoming Lluis and Carrie are pouring a lot of goddamn heart and soul into their food.  The space was great and didn’t feel too fucking kitschy, service was good and I fucking loved the food and despite all my complaining above, I wasn’t starving at the end.  But I also strategically had to smash more than one bread basket dunked in olive oil to get to this non-starving position.  Wah wah wah call the wahmbulance cause forcing myself to eat awesome fuck yeah bread in high quality olive oil to avoid starving truly does make me the Captain of the Good Ship Despair and Bad Fortune.

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