On reflection, I think Bruce A might be right that this is commendable honesty.

“If it’s entirely a numbers game and numeric representation, then obviously you’d be talking to the half of the people in Hong Kong who earn less than US$1,800 a month. Then you would end up with that kind of politics and policies,” the Chief Executive said.

His comments echo those of Wang Zhenmin, the Dean of Law at Beijing’s Qinghua University a regular advisor to Beijing on Hong Kong issues. Mr Wang said in August that greater democratic freedom in Hong Kong must be balanced against the city’s powerful business elite who would have to share their “slice of the pie” with voters.

After all most democratic governments are to a greater or lesser extent in thrall to minority interests of one sort or another (usually close to where there is money).

So the fact that both Beijing and the Hong Kong Chief Executive are happy to talk about this publicly is quite something.

CE says masses would dominate in fair vote.