Very interesting to read that Hong Kong has a  substantially skewed population of women to men (1,000 women to 864 men) and this is widening. This includes domestic helpers who are predominantly female: the ratio is 1,000 to 938 without domestic helpers.

(Aside: it is very strange to find myself thinking that it is normal to quote statistics excluding a large chunk of the population of this city).



At birth in Hong Kong, though, the city is the fourteenth highest in terms of boys:girls (but only slightly above the world average). Overall it is actually below the world average, but there are substantial outliers. (Aside: I had no idea there are two men for every woman in UAE andQatar. I guess this is including migrant workers, but even so).

On the mainland, it appears that the predominance of male births has peaked.



NB 103-106 is the natural (without human intervention) rate shown as the Baseline ratio on the chart. I didn’t know that.

The ageing population in both places is still a cause for concern, but at least on the mainland the gender ratio is hopefully improving.