Wow, some must-read articles on new legislation working its way through the UK parliament. I get and salute the need for simplification of existing legislation, but we should not approach this through over-generality and vagueness.

Descent into 1984 (because I don't like the article's title).

There are legal articles on the IPNAS and related legislation.

They [IPNAS] will arguably continue to be seen by some as a very draconian measure – not least because they can be granted indefinitely (or for a period of up to 12 months in the case of under 18s) and because it appears that there is no safeguard of reasonableness which you would usually expect to see in legislation of this kind.

The PSPOs are as bad.

Local authorities will be able to impose a PSPO if there are persistent activities in a public place that have “a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality” or if it is likely those activities might occur.

This would apply to Occupy, but why not Falun Dafa and marches for whatever?

My biggest complaint is that in most cases the legal framework already allows the police or relevant powers to take action. More, wider, vaguer, sloppier legislation is not the answer. Let's hope the House of Lords works its checks and balances.

Thanks to Katherine for the pointer.