Much as I love Spotify, I worry that my playlists and starred items (I use the star to note that I like a tune and want it downloaded to my mobile devices) are only in Spotify, and that

There is no obvious way to get playlists out of Spotify in any sort of usable format, so thankfully others have done the heavy lifting.


The super easy way: select all in a playlist (ctrl+A for Windows) and then drag the selection into a blank Word document. You’ll have enough and the links will open the tracks in Spotify.

The heavier-weight alternative: install a custom app into Spotify. You’ll need to flag your account as a developer one (just log in to the developer portal, no cost) and then maybe log in and out of Spotify. I found this app didn’t work for the starred playlist, so I made a static version of the starred list and we were all good.


Spot My Songs works well getting these kind of lists into Spotify, I have had less success with Ivy is here.