Avoiding shark attacks (and lots more of interest about sharks).

Summary don't wear "yum-yum yellow".

"Don’t swim at dawn or dusk, when many sharks feed. Don’t swim in murky water, especially near river mouths. Don’t urinate in the water, or swim if you’re bleeding. Don’t thrash around too much, or swim with a dog, or near schools of fish. Spearfishing, and to a lesser extent surfing, will definitely raise the odds of a bite. Don’t wear shark-attracting contrasting colours, particularly not the safety yellow favoured by coastguards – researchers call it ‘yum-yum yellow’. Pulling a shark’s tail is strongly discouraged. But even if you are attacked, your chances of survival are around 90 per cent. ISAF has some no-nonsense advice on what to do if the worst happens:
We advise a proactive response. Hitting a shark on the nose, ideally with an inanimate object, usually results in the shark temporarily curtailing its attack. One should try to get out of the water at this time. If this is not possible, repeat bangs to the snout may offer temporary restraint, but the result will likely become increasingly less effective. If a shark actually bites, we suggest clawing at its eyes and gills, two sensitive areas. One should not act passively if under attack – sharks respect size and power."

LRB · Theo Tait · Don’t wear yum-yum yellow: Shark Attack!

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