Mr O'Reilly is correct: this is an astonishing technique. Imagine this in real time as a side feed to your Google Glass HUD.

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The quantified self from a distance…

Fricking AMAZING: Eulerian Video Magnification for Revealing Subtle Changes in the World

From four frames of video, highlight someone's pulse. (Obviously, only one of many apps.) via +Nat Torkington's always fabulous "Four Short Links" column on

This right after I saw a pop piece about a laser being used to detect from your skin color whether you'd been eating your vegetables..

And of course, a few months ago, Tommy Poggio at the McGovern Institute for Brain Science told me how he is using computer vision to detect signs of depression in laboratory mice.  (One of his colleagues is developing gene therapy for depression, and needed a better way to watch the mice to see if it is working.)

Eulerian Video Magnification

An example of using our Eulerian Video Magnification framework for visualizing the human pulse. (a) Four frames from the original video sequence. (b) The same four frames with the subject's pulse …