The bubble in paying to understand buying habits.

Good piece from Dave Winer on what one of the current bubbles might consist of.

I've regularly bemoaned the fact that a good chunk of the best and brightest in technology are essentially working for advertisers (over-generalisation: anyone who works on a free-to-end-user site that is part of a corporation: the end user is the product and is bought by advertisers).

I'm not sure if this is a good thing given my antipathy to adverts (I do quite a lot to avoid seeing or hearing any – including paying for Spotify, ad-blocking my mobile).

Winer's article answers one of my questions on why the money has been and still is there (and in substantial quantities)?

Why? Because advertising has never really been able to quantify its effect, and the internet and social networking revolutions promise quantification and individualisation. What happens when they prove to be ephemeral?

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