I can’t use Google+, not because I am not cool enough to have been invited, but because I pay Google for services (for Google Apps to run Raggett.net mail and extra storage on Picasa).

This seems a little odd in terms of customer service, but that’s how large internet companies often are.

A couple of detailed articles on Google+ give a pretty clear picture of the service that I can’t use.

My initial thoughts:

  • Brilliant idea to have the sandbar (the new black bar) on all Google pages: this means that Google’s social is likely to be the first you see in a web session.
  • if it is easier to use than Facebook and people work out an import / export helper, then it will take no time for people to move across (you can already and should download your Facebook content). Once Facebook surrenders exclusive control of your social graph, there are relatively few barriers to entry.
  • I’m not sure how well the circles idea will work in practice: tagging is not something humans are good at or keep up to date very well. I have a horrible task of putting friends into groups so I can email HK ones or UK ones as a group, for example. It is not easy and not fun.
  • As the writer suggests: social music isn’t really owned by anyone at the moment.

[Update: a Google and Facebook investor likes Google+ a lot.]