Astonishing numbers from Amazon. now sells 105 Kindle editions for every 100 traditional paper books. This compares is all paid-for Kindle editions with all hardback and paperback sales of books regardless of whether there is a Kindle edition or not. So the numbers feel apples and apples. It would be more skewed towards Kindle if free eBooks were included.

Also amazing is that the only-slightly-cheaper-with-ads version of the Kindle is now the best-selling model. Not something I would buy for preference.

Evidence, I guess, that:

  1. Consumers don’t care about DRM if it is done right (e.g. Wfffy and I share a Kindle account so can happily read books each other has bought. No double purchasing by mistake like we did with e.g. Wild Swans).
  2. Consumers can understand they are getting a discount because of the ads. Whether they ignore them or not is a question for Nielsen.