I find myself wondering what the NYT is playing at in its new pricing model (kudos for the Times reporting on it): it is cheaper to have hard copy delivered direct to a recycling plant and use your linked online subscription than it is to subscribe on multiple electronic devices. This can’t be right? The cost of creating the apps must be trivial compared with the cost of creating the content. This feels like an attempt to protect the print side of the business, rather than to engage with the online side.

The pricing is complicated: it takes a while to work out what you might be paying and there appears to be little reward for cross-platform loyalty.

The pricing also appears high compared with other electronic subscriptions. You can guess which one is the NYT.

Finally, my friend Dom thinks it is going to work, so I am clearly wrong about all the above!

PS we should at least be thankful that it is still journalism. The AOL “let’s get more content per journalist” push seems horrific, as does Murdoch’s Daily. Disclaimer: I have read neither. I do read the NYT.