So I wanted to watch the highlights of the cricket match that was on Star yesterday. With no PVR at the apartment, I wanted to see what the BBC had to say. Sadly, it said: you are not in the UK.

Thankfully, VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are a solution to this. You can buy a link to an endpoint that is physically located in the UK so you can view BBC and other geography-restricted content. They are of immense use in countries with substantial internet restrictions as they can help users appear to be somewhere completely different.

Happy VPN was the one I chose, and worked nicely out of the box. NB it costs much the same as the license fee, so I’d happily pay someone in the UK for the right to watch this content, but I can’t at present.

Ethically, I don’t feel it is wrong to watch e.g. highlights of matches I’ve paid for already. I don’t think it is right to watch programmes I haven’t paid for in some way.