It was not entirely simple to get Transmission running on my QNAP TS-239 Pro II.

[UPDATE: yes it was – use the QPKG version and it is a doddle. You can do some of the settings.json changes as shown below in the helpful included editor]

I took most of my suggestions from the step by step guide, but while I could get the server running properly, it wouldn’t survive a restart. In the end, this provided the relevant clue.

  1. Install and enable IPKG via web management interface
  2. Login with SSH (Putty) to command line of NAS
  3. “ipkg update”
  4. “ipkg install transmission”
  5. “transmission-daemon”
  6. “killall transmission-daemon”
  7. mkdir /share/MD0_DATA/Download/.config/transmission-daemon
  8. chmod 777 the above directory
  9. cp /root/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json to the above directory
  10. nano (edit) the settings file to change passwords, whitelist, ports as you choose (I’m forwarding a specific set of ports to it from the router, for example, wildcards 192.168.1.* work in the whitelist)
  11. transmission-daemon to check that you have done it right
  12. killall transmission-daemon
  13. mount -t ext2 /dev/sdx6 /tmp/config
  14. nano /tmp/config/
  15. Put the code block as shown here into with changes relevant for your machine and directory structure (e.g. mine is Download not Qdownload).
  16. NB I also added a transmission user for the daemon to run as and made the changes as shown here. In the version of su on my machine, the syntax was su transmission -c “whatever”.
  17. chmod +x /tmp/config/
  18. sh ./ to check you’ve done it right
  19. killall transmission-daemon
  20. umount /tmp/config
  21. Reboot the machine and you can check you’ve survived a restart at nas:9091 (default)
  22. Installed for a neater user interface.