Sholto has some interesting things to say about the appeal of various religions in The “market appeal” of Ramadan.

I can very much imagine that the more demanding, more regular community-oriented religions will hold on to believers more readily. I wonder if this is why the “you must attend church on Sundays if you want your child to go to our school” approach ends up reawakening religious faith in many.

I also can see that atheism doesn’t specifically offer anything attractive. But why should it? Attempting and mostly failing to understand the universe is its own reward.

More seriously, I wonder how to respond to the “so what do you believe in” question when I explain my rejection of religion. I’m not sure I do believe in any particular movement, label or structure; rather I don’t care for or don’t see any compelling evidence for most belief options. Does that mean I need my own?

Yes, I’m happy to admit that my belief in, e.g., using science to understand the universe has a great leap of faith at its heart. I still prefer that my leap is grounded in the requirement to explain and predict, something I don’t see in many or any of the other options out there.