So, to start with, it won’t work on my TS-219 as it is an Arm not an Intel-based device. I now have a TS-239 Pro II for exactly this reason. The instructions worked well.

Links and my notes below:

  • General instructions
    • Installing QPKGs is a question of downloading them, unzipping and installing through the admin interface. Don’t forget to enable them once you’ve installed them.
    • You need to enable the QPKG once you’ve installed it. Click on the QPKG icon and click enable in the pop up screen.
    • I restarted the server once the QPKG was installed.
    • (without the restart, I needed to cd /opt/bin and then type ./qpkg to get the install commands to execute.)
    • I used vi to edit the file (just needed to add /opt/bin to the path).
    • When installing, I said no to change to root user, changed the install directory to /opt/crashplan and yes to download JRE.
  • JRE for QNAP (Didn’t need this for the TS-239 Pro II)
  • Headless client for Crashplan
    • Remember to press the add button when you are setting up the port tunnelling in Putty.
    • The shares to backup are found in /share/MD0_DATA not anywhere else you might think.
  • You can get Java for ARM here (the old evaluation version is available), but it doesn’t work with the Intel-compiled Crashplan.