If you are in one of the 30 key seats that may determine a hung parliament, and want one, you can see which way you should vote thanks to progressive parliament (Vote for a Change promises to do so too, but asks you to sign up first).

VoteMatch (30
manifesto-based questions) shows how close the parties are: my top one
was the Conservatives, but the percentage matches were 59, 57, 56 (for
Conservative, LibDem and Labour), so statistically they’re all the same. Vote for Policies shows me as Green (as well as many others, it seems; terrible how few policies I could link to a party). FYI I did it a second time with fewer areas and came out Labour!

You can check on your MP at Skeptical
. Apart from his wobble on homeopathy, Corbyn looks OK (voted
to keep the term “Doctor” special, and to recognise climate change, for example).
There’s more on TheyWorkForYou, on his
past record
, and each candidate’s
statements for the election
(terrible to see spelling mistakes in
their responses! I come out slightly for Conservatives ahead of LibDem,

You can see some local election leaflets on The
Straight Choice
. Funny that we’ve only heard from LibDems, Labour
and UKIP.

Armando Ianucci correctly says that Bigotgate was ridiculous (can we talk about policies please?) and that the electorate has been remarkably well-behaved and even admirable this time round.

Sadly, the expenses scandal appears to have been inevitable: power appears to breed hypocrisy. NB, this is is one set of experiments, but it feels right, I think