Glorious 2-year old MadTV parody: “Fast upload with no water bloating”.

My 2 cents?

  • The real iPad looks like a lovely piece of industrial design, as always
  • I’ve become convinced that battery life issues aren’t germane any longer (pretty well everyone has to charge their smart phone at home and / or work each day, technology will get this one sorted, it is just taking a while)
  • Would you replace an existing laptop / iPod with it (will it fit an iPod sound dock?, how would you print from it?)
  • Does that mean it’s another gadget to have around, and you’d select from the range you have for the purpose in mind? Not game changing, then, but maybe niche expanding.
  • I want to see what the competition does in response: I’m loving being able to improve my phone weekly thanks to the sterling work of the development community around Android.