There is the old saw about a camel being a horse designed by a committee. I have seen two items which could fit this bill. One I feel is destined to die an unpleasant death, the other looks like a real, radical innovation.

The not-so-healthy camel? The Spring Design Alex; a dual screen eReader. Now this does try and address the significant failings of the current crop of eReaders (lack of interaction with the eInk screens, how to transfer active web content on to a low power screen, excess battery drain of active screens, operating system – I like Android after my first week with it). However, IMHO the device is ugly as hell and surely won’t go anywhere.

On the other hand, the Eigenharp looks amazing. Still a camel in some ways: it combines a bassoon, a guitar, a drum pad, a keyboard at least. But it makes music and makes making it easy. I am a poor keyboard and guitar player and clarinettist, but I still want one. Watch the demo of what it can do, and then imagine how it will be used by all those musicians out there. Brilliant.