Not as pretty as POTUS, but an enlightening discussion on decision making and responsibility in the US DOD. Not a job anyone would take lightly. No wonder Bob Ainsworth is having a difficult time.

Separately, is it just me or do the 12 shocking ideas all seem pretty rational?

  1. Proactively attack the internet of countries or organisations that are causing us trouble
  2. Use autistic and other disabled people for jobs they are suited to
  3. Cloning is good
  4. Learn about risk taking: we make the decisions that kill us
  5. Don’t send aid to Africa in the current manner (to the pockets of despots)
  6. Stop locking people up
  7. Don’t raze slums: get them electricity, water, sanitation
  8. Bring competition (a la Premier League / Championship) to US Big League sports
  9. Legalise assisted suicide
  10. Let me see my own medical records and share them as I choose
  11. Learn about risk: take sensible ones
  12. Reform the Pentagon (commented above)