It is coming up for time to replace my O2 XDA Orbit 2 / HTC Touch Cruise, which has been a good PDA and an OK to not-so-good phone (but that might have something to do with dropping it every so often).

The front running options that I am considering are (not all out in the UK yet, but most due during August):

  • iPhone 3GS (Pros: big app store, lots of developers lovely design, “it just works”. Cons: no multi-tasking, you have to do it Apple’s way, everyone has one now).
  • Palm Pre (Pros: keyboard, good design, nice interface, synergy – brings all the contact information from Google, Facebook etc together, can use apps I bought for the Palm 750 all those years ago, touchstone charging – super cool inductive device. Cons: small developer community, proprietary system, little forward look)
  • Samsung i7500 with picture (Pros: AMOLED display, Android – growing developer community and tens of new machines on the way, great Google integration – my email, contacts and calendar are all Google. Cons: slightly ugly, D-pad is only 4-way still early for Android). Android-only Wikitude sounds excellent: augmented reality brings GPS, video and Wikipedia together on your phone.
  • HTC Touch Pro 2 (Pros: HTC keeps improving Windows Mobile – you very rarely have to see it, full keyboard – useful for doing notes in meetings, excellent speakerphone facilities, can use apps I bought for the XDA. Cons: Windows Mobile, bulky case – has put me off previous versions). Engadget doesn’t find it too bulky.

Things still to check on:

  • Editing of Microsoft Office documents
  • Battery life
  • Bluetooth headset compatibility