Lovely start to this piece:

theory came to life in 1899 with a simple question: "How many tons of
pig iron bars can a worker load onto a rail car in the course of a
working day?"

I also learned a politer version of Waz´s POMA analysis (plucked out of my arse) is WAGs (wild-ass guesses).

seriously, I very much agree that consulting frameworks "are
heuristics: they can lead you to solutions, but they cannot make you
think". This is a good way of summarising my attitude: if you have the
slide pack you haven´t a hope in hell in doing a similar project unless
you´ve done one already. Experience matters.

Other opinions about the piece vary. There are questions and answers
with the author available, and FYI he was a founding partner of
Mitchell Madison, apparently. I still have their sourcing cube on a CD