Picked up the Wii this weekend – it’s the first games console I’ve ever bought. I normally play games for an hour or so and then get bored, so having them on a PC makes more sense for me (because most games come to PC at some stage, and the quality / speed / sound is pretty good.

However the Wii looked funky enough in terms of control system to make me think about it, and then Caroline said she wanted one, so the die was cast.

We had almost no time to do anything with it, but the control interface is excellent – you really do feel like you are playing tennis, golf, baseball. Little things like the speaker built into the Wiimote makes for a little extra realism. The sight of Caroline boxing was really quite terrifying – you had to give her a wide berth to avoid being hit. You can feel some muscles afterwards, and being given a Wii age of 42 definitely makes you think about doing more Wii training. So a good start, and it is great to have a games machine who’s default usage position is standing up, not stuck to a chair twitching your elbows slightly (as most other consoles or PC games force you to into).

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