Some e-gov related things:

  • Social exclusion is clearly in Cabinet Office.
  • Council FDs should be responsible for the council and community. A tricky ask, you’d have thought they have enough to do sorting the council out.
  • Good financial management is the only option for successful public sector reform. But she would say that, wouldn’t she?
  • LAs are to deliver £1.3bn in efficiencies in 2006/07 (as their forward look says) which is ahead of target. I haven’t done the comparison of forward and backward looks, now they are available.
  • Whitehall could save £500m a year doing HR and Finance properly. In the launch event, the Scottish Executive suggested that their shared services strategy was looking for £750m savings on £26bn total spend. Pro-rataed, this gives on £14bn saving on £500bn spend for England. We thought £40bn. Who can say?