UK local government tried life events and moved on. Directgov has life events and they seem OK. Now the EU wants them as part of the new i2010 framework so that Jonas and Gabriella can get married:

  • “life-time events”
  • “business-events”
  • semanticinteroperability (e.g. transalation between “forms”)
  • technical interoperability

I still don’t think that people work on the “multiple tasks on the same visit” that these events suppose. Certainly in my head I have a list of things I need to do at one of these events and then do them one-by-one, mostly because I’m not sure how the information flows work as we move through the system.

I guess this is where joined up government could help, in saying “we’ve done the thinking for you, just trust us”. And that’s where it would all fall down – the “t” word.