Gates’ memo. Jrobb’s point is that the memo paints a picture of a Web free world:

“When we started work on Microsoft .NET more than two years ago, we set a new direction for the company — and articulated a new way to think about our software. Rather than developing standalone applications and Websites, today we’re moving towards smart clients with rich user interfaces interacting with Web services. We’re driving the XML Web services standards so that systems from all vendors can share information, while working to make Windows the best client and server for this new era. ” Halt browser development, throw everything at rich clients and web services and all we need is servers and desktops. Back to MS bread and butter. 5:48:46 PM

How the wayback machine works. 2:26:08 PM

Is Kaiser Permanente Better Than Britain’s National Health? [Plastic] Hmmm. There’s a massive difference in scale, no? 15m vs 60m. 2:25:10 PM

Stapler 1.7.0 is a Radio 8 tool that “creates web syndication feeds from web sites. These feeds can be used with Radio UserLand’s News Aggregator, or other XML syndication software. Flexible scripts for scraping with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)-like selectors and regular expressions are included as well as several special purpose scrapers, but Stapler is expandable with your own scraping scripts written in Radio’s UserTalk language.” 2:10:23 PM

Dan Gillmor: “Sometimes I think the technology industry’s attitude toward product quality goes roughly like this: ”If you knew how hard this is to do, you’d be thrilled that it ever works.’” Damn straight. 2:05:38 PM

How to Translate ‘Free’ to ‘Fee’. When translation startup Babylon informed its customers it would begin charging for services that previously were free, it didn’t know what to expect. Its story is representative of what’s happening on the Internet overall. [Wired News] Apparently 20% conversion rate is reasonable. 2:02:05 PM

New Nokia Phones for Richie Rich.. 21k for a mobile. Whew, money to burn. I’m sure they’ll be cool though. 2:00:44 PM

Risks Digest: Superb recent issue on many different snafus [Robot Wisdom] I love the Euro story. 1:50:49 PM

BBC: Inexpensive ‘glove’ replaces mouse, keyboard? [Robot Wisdom] I’ll have one of them… 1:43:15 PM

NYer short: ImClone biotech-bubble blamed on ‘Planet Hollywood syndrome’ [Robot Wisdom] The Enron of biotech. 1:36:23 PM