Business Week: The Power of Smart Design. Dennis Boyle, senior design engineer at IDEO. His mission: To make high-tech simple. “People don’t want to read a manual. They don’t want something confusing that makes them look dumb,” he says. “What regular people want is a product that does a few things really well.” [Tomalak’s Realm] 3:23:47 PM
Computerworld: Anticiparallelism. Microsoft Corp. researcher Eric Horvitz says he’s trying to figure out “what a computer should worry about when its thumbs are twiddling.” Computers spend a huge amount of time twiddling their digital digits, wasting computational resources, he says. [Tomalak’s Realm] 2:55:31 PM
Meryl provides a non-employees tour of Radio. [John Robb’s Radio Weblog] 2:55:10 PM
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NY Times: “Now,, once the champion the strategy of ‘get big fast,’ has learned how to become small.” [Scripting News]Interesting details about how their warehouses work. 2:51:01 PM
These MP3 players look pretty neat. 2:40:00 PM
I can’t believe someone suggested WTC memorial Jenga. Pretty sick, but funny. 2:29:14 PM
How to do meaty CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). 1:19:40 PM
Mark Paschal has a cool replacement for the RU8 news aggregator viewer. He also adds a simple search feature. [Scobleizer: Radio 8.0, WinXP News, and More! (was marked bad)] 1:09:47 PM
Suddenly revealed: Starbuck’s new Internet Strategy. Unless the queues are huge, why would I buy my latte online? 1:05:36 PM
Mike Krus: Here’s a bookmarklet that allows you to post to a Radio weblog without going to the desktop website. Radio Express. Neat. 12:17:44 PM
Unusually, I agree wholeheartedly with Nielsen that field studies should be simple, and that the NYT article about anthropology showcased some glaring errors of technique. 8:20:16 AM