Some more useful .Photoshop tutorials 6:12:15 PM
Excellent: the myth of 7+-2. It isn’t true after all. Surely designers just knew that it didn’t make sense. 5:31:24 PM
Very interesting research piece on where ecommerce items should be placed. 5:21:49 PM
Extreme programming vs interaction design. Worth a read, although they don’t always seem to engage each other. 5:08:45 PM
How to evaluate a KM system. 3:24:29 PM
A useful Amy Wohl dialog on cycles. 2:59:39 PM
Brick-and-mortars get credit card authorization via Internet.. Does this start cutting into the closed loop of merchant acquirers? 2:43:44 PM
Homestore probe leads to ouster of workers. And the former e-commerce star may not be finished. It says more disciplinary actions may be taken as a result of the inquiry into its books. Sounds like everyone was at it… 2:27:26 PM
Great source for all those US TV shows you missed. 2:12:34 PM
Bad news if the conspiracy manages to restrict home taping of digital broadcasts. 2:09:27 PM
Looks like the Winter Olympics 2002 site is pretty inaccesible. 2:05:29 PM
Wallace and Gromit hit the Web. Nick Park, creator of the feature film “Chicken Run,” is reviving his original characters in 12 short films to be released online later this year. Cool. 2:02:55 PM
Potentially useful pointers to learning Radio 8 (was marked bad). 1:53:10 PM
Science sucks. I particularly like the on-its-edge 2×2 which looks fab. 1:51:02 PM
Hysterical rant about New Zealand and LOTR. 1:48:29 PM