OperaShow. That’s a cunning thing to add to the browser. This should work on other browsers if they respect the media CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), no? 6:26:15 PM

Funny that the internet freak in this story of a dotcom CEO who takes a job at MaccyDs is Saul. 5:57:18 PM

What is information architecture, anyway? Does this help? A little. 5:53:31 PM

Interesting article suggesting that weblogging creates a Swiss army website. 5:50:48 PM

Trying to measure online ad campaign success in a consistent manner. (is doomed, ‘cos web stats are rubbish). 5:46:28 PM

Really, really tiny machines. Funny to think that in some ways nanotechnology is getting seriously Victorian but at miniscule scales. 5:44:24 PM

Apparently hornet juice is the secret to stamina. Hmmm. 5:41:02 PM

More detail on the Homestation. 5:38:11 PM