Bugger! 6:21:39 PM

Apparently the UK is not a nation of hairy-handed sex fiends. 6:15:21 PM

Instructions for yanks about how to speak to the English. 12:59:48 PM

Unfortunate? 12:58:18 PM

Kevin Bacon: You’ve Got Mail. Researchers are using e-mail to test the notion that everyone in the world can be reached through a short chain of social acquaintances. Are there really ’six degrees of separation’? Great that we can actually start testing this kind of hypothesis. 12:40:17 PM

Newsweek via Drudge: Fine insider’s glimpse of Mullah Omar [Robot Wisdom] 11:51:36 AM

9yo Mongolian son: Don’t-miss Atlantic story w/embedded syntax error [Robot Wisdom] Nasty apple pie ending, but a great story. 11:51:21 AM

The New York Times Magazine ran a story today about doing research about consumers and how they use and view products by watching them in action, rather than using focus groups. It’s an interesting article for people involved with usability research. This link to “Consuming Rituals of the Suburban Tribe” by Lawrence Osborne should last for about a week (then the NYTimes makes you pay). 11:37:54 AM

Great new multi-blog from Dan Bricklin, Bob Frankston, David Reed, etc. Interesting articles on why the DNS system sucks, the End-to-end paper and Reed’s law. [Summary: DNS should be handles, not content rich; put processing at the edges of the cloud, make the network dumb; community sites scale exponentially – number of interactions possible is 2^N.] 11:22:27 AM

Great interview with the designer of the new iMac. 10:43:04 AM

Strange article reporting (I think) a 1997 trial of IE3 vs Netscape 3. It looks like MS learned from their mistakes, no? 8:34:55 AM

The Delta method of baking in usability concepts up front. 8:33:17 AM

How to navigate long documents. A collection of research on the issue. 8:32:23 AM

According to this article we should be using the Zachman Framework to model business rules. 8:31:23 AM

Should you roll your own content management system. The article tends to answering “No”. 8:29:23 AM

What on earth is the Wall of Wonder. I think they used to call it brown paper sessions. Good summary of how to run one, though. 8:27:46 AM

A free PDF maker. Looks a little complicated, but also looks like it works. 8:12:06 AM

Only $12 to acquire a customer down from $45 in 2000. I’m amazed it has only dropped this much, considering the carnage in the rest of the sector. 8:04:31 AM

Even though I don’t like the conclusions (nothing of substance published), I guess I should buy the Top 100 UK companies websites report. 8:02:29 AM

Interesting site teaching C in embedded systems. One day… 7:56:07 AM