Unix box as a wireless base station. Ross Finlayson has put together a good document on using a Unix box as an wireless network base station. Or, for another approach, there’s a seemingly good Windows management app for the Apple Airport base station available, as well as a Java version. Finally, Ben Gross has a damn fine compendium of wireless links to help you set up a network. 4:10:49 PM
AMD Duron vs. Intel Celeron. Given that I couldn’t install the Duron or DDR as an upgrade, it looks like I’ve done OK. 3:40:34 PM
Read the official Radio UserLand 8.0 site here (was http://radio.userland.com/ marked as bad). I might even buy it when it’s released. 3:39:58 PM
Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy, and the Dot Com Collapse. A story of hubris, deception, and the end of the boom boom internet era. On March 19 MicroStrategy, of Tyson’s Corner Virginia, was forced to restate its earnings. March 20 2000, the next day, was the end of the dot.com bubble. Share prices of Microstrategy declined from $226.75 a share to $86.75, a drop of over 60%. The shareholders collectively lost over $11 billion. In one day. This was from a pre-crash peak of $313/share. By January 4, 2002, the price was $4.07, or just over 1% of its peak value. [kuro5hin.org] 3:32:38 PM
A good reminder of why India and Pakistan are fighting over Kashmir. 11:09:53 AM