Cutbacks push dot-coms toward profits. Brutal layoffs and a sharp dose of fiscal discipline over the past year and a half are offering a surprising number of Web publishers the hope of profitability at one of the worst times on record for the sector. [CNET] 5:44:53 PM

Gotta love free programming books. This one is for python, which I’ve been thinking about learning. Not sure why, but it feels “nicer” than some of the others. 5:40:44 PM

A good set of browser statistics is available here with a useful link to here and here. 2:13:41 PM

John Robb: Desktop Data Silos. 1:06:56 PM

PC World: Maxtor Unwraps Mammoth Hard Drive. 160Gb for $400. Unbelievable. 12:16:03 PM

Useful reminder from F1 that all enhancements to machines used by humans need to keep the humans in mind. 11:46:41 AM

Good article applying simplistic economics to the issue of copyright. 11:24:29 AM