I didn’t know that the Ham and High was online. It led me to the details of the new Arsenal stadium development. Should be OK for us, I think. 5:26:38 PM
Interesting paper on design misfits. Still not quite sure what they are, but it’s a useful summary of how things don’t work. 3:00:45 PM
Class. But now a dangerous site (was http://www.dangerhere.com/ronglish.htm) 2:10:37 PM
The Netcraft survey is always good reading. The December 2001 figures showed that the Net was shrinking for the first time. 2:01:16 PM
Pretty format for an essay on representing accessibility using icons. 1:44:39 PM
Some good recommendations for corporate home pages. 1:40:56 PM
Good summary of user-centred web design. 1:33:02 PM
Anachronistic but valuable: a service delivering electronic versions of full offline publications. Surely this is the way to go for content publishers: if I can buy an additional electronic subscription (a la Economist) why not? 1:12:20 PM
Great stories from the Afghan front from Green Berets guiding bombs and Green Berets sawing off legs with Leathermen. McNab, eat your heart out. 12:44:52 PM
Librarians to the rescue when Michael Moore can’t publish a satire mocking Dubya. 12:11:56 PM
Outputting a Tivo schedule to a PC. 12:07:34 PM
The new iMac looks nice. [Hack the Planet] 11:54:52 AM
GM Veers Towards Fuel Cells Cars.. Reuters: GM Veers Towards Fuel Cells Cars.. I like the upgrade route – change the chassis. 11:54:36 AM
News.Com: Gates to show XP entertainment interface. Instead of the usual Windows desktop, Freestyle features a series of large buttons, visible from across a room, that in conjunction with a remote control can be used to launch a video, play a music file, access digital photos, watch and record TV programs, and view DVDs. A good idea, but will it take off? Wireless is the driver in that few people actually want the PC in their front room (noisy, ugly). Can you imagine your TV repeatedly crashing because the satellite downlink was corrupted? 11:40:56 AM
Useit.Com: Site Map Usability. Most site maps fail to convey multiple levels of the site’s information architecture. In usability tests, users often overlook site maps or can’t find them. Complexity is also a problem: a map should be a map, not a navigational challenge of its own. [Tomalak’s Realm] 11:38:24 AM
Two part interview with Gene Spafford (security researcher). Part one, part two. 11:37:26 AM
The Ten Commandments for C Programmers. Not sure how relevant to other programming, but nicely written. 11:27:03 AM
You Grow Girl. It’s a gardening site. Love the name. 11:16:28 AM
Fellatio Fortuneteller Finds Fame Only in Japan. 11:10:49 AM