Great Hollywood insider view of LOTR development. 5:59:41 PM

How to describe a project. I bet it didn’t run this smoothly really! They’ve published another paper about choosing a search engine. 5:22:53 PM

Joel Spolsky: “Sometimes I just can’t get anything done.” Not only me then… 4:21:15 PM

Steve Silberman: The Geek Syndrome. 4:00:31 PM

When Los Alamos Scientists Make Toys. I would have loved these in my Meccano phase. 3:46:19 PM

Working Stiffs, Indeed — Christmas Bonuses In Form Of “Sex Romps”. Maybe there are benefits to working for an Australian company. 3:44:08 PM

new Nyer: Long, super-readable account of ice-cores and climate-swings. 3:38:03 PM

Economist’s tech roundup. The Economist’s tech-year in review is a half-day’s worth of fascinating reading: Designer plastics, nanodrugs, P2P archiving, wireless security, and so on. 3:28:25 PM

O’Reilly editors pick the best of 2001. I like this piece by Cory Doctorow, looking forward to a 2002 without carpetbaggers. 3:18:08 PM

via the Onion: Barbie’s lowered-expectations playset.Class. 3:13:47 PM

ImageMagick is a “robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many image formats.” 3:12:58 PM

recent Atlantic: Don’t-miss interview with writer who re-enrolled in highschool [Robot Wisdom] 3:02:03 PM

Greedy record-labels watching their monopolies evaporate. 2:45:18 PM

Thinking in Patterns: Download the First Version. 2:41:22 PM

Jupiter takes pop-ups out of ranking mix. As part of an overhaul in the way it reports traffic figures for Web sites, Jupiter Media Metrix says some ads will not be included in the equation. You just can’t trust any web figures… 2:38:46 PM

Buy a Star, But It’s Not Yours. The International Star Registry has sold people the names of stars for more than 20 years. Too bad the scientific community doesn’t recognize it. Legally, it’s, well, legal. Shame, I always hoped the aliens would come from mine… 2:33:30 PM

Fad vs. Intrinsic Property. Will people always want to buy new ringtones for their phones? 2:30:29 PM

CIO. Why EMC is in trouble. 1.5 TB SANs for less than $35k. At my last job we built one for less than $100k (that was 2 years ago). At the time EMC was selling SANs of this size for $2 – $5 m depending on features. The revolution continues.

[John Robb’s Radio Weblog] 2:25:24 PM

Brent Simmons: “Email is no longer reliable.” There are so many intermediate mail relays in the chain that are doing active processing, that you can’t guarantee that mail will get through. This is very similar to the arguments against making networks active. 2:21:59 PM

Ultra Wide Band systems about to get approval by the FCC. Could be a winner. 2:17:46 PM

It’s a smaller World Wide Web after all. A new study finds there are fewer sites online as people stop registering new Web addresses and abandon some old ones that come with fees attached. 2:07:40 PM

McKinsey. Computers. Why the party is over. “But the tide has since turned. Over the next three to five years, fewer software upgrades and the near saturation of the consumer and, especially, the business markets could push growth below what it was before 1995. The inevitable result is declining productivity growth rates in computer manufacturing. Productivity growth will also slow down in the semiconductor industry