Reasonable analysis of the new Earthlink wireless hotspot announcement. It suggests they may well not work, although the cost comparisons can’t be right, as they won’t own the infrastructure like Metricom did. 5:34:14 PM

Brilliant! A full map of Springfield. 5:25:31 PM

Amazon Access: How Accessible?. recently launched a separate shopping site for the visually impaired. But critics say the site isn’t really more accessible, but only a ’second-best alternative’ to its main site. I agree with one of the commentators – this is a PDA site, not a designed for accesiblity site. 1:50:51 PM

Hackers Show Light in a New Art. Chaos Computer Club has been dazzling, if not completely surprising, Berlin with a lights display that Internet users can program and even play Pong on. Brilliant. 12:07:41 PM

Public Space Wi-Fi’s Transforming Event. Interesting idea: a virtual wireless connectivity provider. Basically, they handle all the nasty cross-authentication and billing and let you connect. It might just work. 12:04:26 PM

FBI raids cripple software pirates. Law enforcement’s war on warez causes chaos among online file sharers, with top-level “rippers” laying low and a major piece of the underground network disrupted. It will be interesting to see how this plays out – the warez scene never seems to go away. Remember the days of floppy disks – still warezed up. 12:02:26 PM

There’s trouble at the mill. Aaron Feuerstein owns and runs Malden Mills, the makers of Polartec fleece. In December 1995, right before Christmas, a massive fire nearly destroyed the whole place. But Feuerstein continued to pay all of his workers their full wages, refusing to lay any of them off, while the mill was being rebuilt. He felt he owed it to his employees since they had always done their best for him and for the mill and for this, he became a case study in how to treat employees. Any other corporation would have just shut the place down and moved to Indonesia or China. Feuerstein stayed, rebuilt and reopened. But now Malden Mills is in trouble. Reminds me of a book – Blind Assassin, I think. 11:59:53 AM

What a long, strange trip it’s been. Several weeks ago Ari Fleischer said that Americans need to watch what they say. Apparently, he wasn’t kidding. Disturbing. [] 11:56:01 AM

Clinton’s Secret War On Bin Laden [Plastic] 11:54:16 AM

Enron “Makes Whitewater Look Like Peanuts” — The Grisly Post-Mortems Begin [Plastic] 11:53:42 AM

The making of Windows XP by S. Somasegar, who has worked on Windows since inception, and is currently Vice President Windows Engineering Services Group at Microsoft. 11:43:18 AM

Useful free (currently) network scanner called Tesseract. 11:38:28 AM

IBM Builds A Limited Quantum Computer. They’ve factored 15, which doesn’t seem that significant, but only two years ago people believed that this was all a theoretical curiosity rather than a valid approach. 11:28:46 AM

From 100 million to 1 trillion transistors per inch using nanowire technology. As always, the singularity effect takes over again. The horizon is always closer than you think for long-term effects, always further than you think for short-term ones. 11:13:05 AM