More discussion on making forms more usable. 5:59:21 PM

Some real work on how we perceive banner ads. 5:56:45 PM

Should spend some time going through these design methods documents. 5:53:59 PM

Really not convinced that massively multi-platform portals is the way to go. Multi-platform services, yes, but a portal? 5:19:29 PM

McKinsey makes it official: community sites really do work. 5:12:38 PM

Nasty prognosis for European Telcos. 5:10:04 PM

Who killed Excite@Home? 5:06:47 PM

I don’t believe it. 5:05:22 PM

We might be close to significantly blocking / curing the common cold. Cool. 5:03:52 PM

What standard e-business software costs. 4:58:32 PM

Interesting: kids prefer the gamecube. 4:55:25 PM

Good discussion of running a high-volume email list. 4:54:47 PM

Use less graphic design: the web is a library. 4:53:38 PM

Selecting IA components. Interesting article and discussion around how to decide on what should go into the mix. 4:52:54 PM

Excellent summary of yea/nays for HTML forms. 4:52:10 PM

Very interesting research on how to improve search navigability. That’s a mouthful, I think. 4:50:47 PM

Quite serious, this: don’t trust Excel’s file locking procedures. 4:25:38 PM

Roxio, EasyCD and Windows XP – the true story. An everday tale of upgraditis and bundling deals… [The Register] 3:18:11 PM

With This Ring, I Thee Web. If you can dream it, you can design it, and you might even buy it. That’s the strategy of a diamond retailer that created a website where people can design their own engagement rings. By Katie Dean. I need to send this to Caroline, I think. 3:15:06 PM

Geforce FAQ. 3:13:58 PM

Looks like a useful tool to get good quality TV output from my graphics card. 3:07:10 PM

Universal copy-protected CD shuns players. The record label is distributing its first copy-protected CDs in the United States, throwing a few new twists on the controversial idea. I wonder if the buy-then-return to make a complaint approach will work. 2:50:01 PM