Compaq wasted no time making Microsoft live up to one of the agreements in its proposed settlement, announcing this week that it will replace Media Player for Windows XP as the default media player in its systems and go with rival RealNetworks RealOne… [more]. Interesting, especially as RealOne has a browser built in. 6:06:37 PM

SearchDay: Google Fires New Salvo in Search Engine Size Wars. News links, when they are found, are returned at the top of a result page. Not all queries cause news links to be displayed. “We’re trying to make the coverage better while at the same time not decreasing relevance,” said Holzle. “We’re also shortening time between when news happens and we have it.” [Tomalak’s Realm] 5:59:38 PM

3-D damage report on NYC. 5:58:04 PM

Lawrence: “Google has added a ‘Fresh!’ label with the date the page was indexed.” Another Google cracker. 5:56:43 PM

Chrysler Announces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Van. Good news. 5:55:39 PM

FBI Confirms Magic Lantern Existence [Slashdot] 5:52:41 PM

Miguel de Icaza Interview on MSDN. Interesting that MSDN is interviewing someone who essentially wants to supplant them. 5:50:34 PM

Independence Day for Indie Bands. Finally, the Internet is starting to pay real dividends to musicians who haven’t signed deals with major labels. Big subscriptions are here, but out-of-the-way bands have made it, too. [Wired News] I hope it works. 5:44:41 PM

AP-Nando: Did WTC collapse because of skimped insulation? [Robot Wisdom] 5:33:23 PM

The Register: Mindboggling hypocrisy over ’sucks’ by domain-name org [Robot Wisdom] 5:33:10 PM

Real Networks is now in the Browser business…

. Using IE, of course. 5:32:28 PM

Fascinting interview with Howard Lutnick. 5:25:47 PM

Casual PKI and making e-mail encryption easy. E-mail encryption seems to be hard enough, or annoying enough,that even many technically sophisticated people don’t do itregularly. Non-technical people rarely seem to be able tofigure it out at all. Thank god we don’t have to do this. 5:20:37 PM

This is an interesting idea. Click to pay by paybox then your phone rings, you enter a PIN and the payment goes through. It’s that little bit more secure, I guess, as you have to have the phone and the PIN at the time of purchase. 1:47:46 PM