Windows hack for Web-surfing privacy. Leave no traces on your PC [The Register] 1:53:48 PM
Wired: “At the heart of Segway’s detection system are solid-state, silicon gyroscopes that are about the size of the tip of a pencil.” 1:53:27 PM
No fun planning in Japan. 1:52:56 PM
More cool Windows XP Web sites:

TweakXP, Windows Guide Network, TweakTown, Blink Windows XP, Microsoft TechNet Online, XP PowerToys. 1:52:16 PM

There’s a good article on Optimizing Windows XP on the Extreme Tech site. [Scoble’s Windows XP News] 1:51:00 PM — a new site for Windows XP users. [Scoble’s Windows XP News ( was marked as bad]  1:50:45 PM
Semantic Studios: In Defense of Search. Peter Morville. There’s no doubt that the implementation of search on many sites actually does stink. But to draw the general conclusion that search is an ineffective tool from these specific observations of existing e-commerce web sites is like eating a frozen egg roll and declaring that all Chinese food is bad. [Tomalak’s Realm] 1:50:28 PM
Sarah, 15, sticks it to Bill Gates in BBC interview. Go girl. [The Register] 1:50:15 PM
Damn straight. DVDs need standardising. 10:11:16 AM